~ Georg Frieherr von Derfflinger ~
The biography of a famous German military hero, George Baron von Derfflinger, who came from a poor tailor's family and rose to the very important position of General Field Marshall of Brandenburg in the 17th century is the subject of this tailor's occupational stein which is mold number 2720 (dated 1901) in a series of twelve Mettlach occupational steins designed by Otto Hupp. The scene shows a likeness of von Derfflinger on horseback in his role of freeing the city of Rathenow in Brandenburg (the scene at the base with the Protestant Church of St.-Marien-Andreas is labeled Rathenow) from the Swedes.
Georg Frieherr von Derfflinger
Kurfürstlich brandenburgischer General
Feldmarschall und Kriegsrat 1606-1695
war der Sohn eines Bauern und
ein gelernter Schneider.
George Baron von Derfflinger
Electoral Brandenburger General
Field Marshal and War Council 1606-1695
was the son of a commoner and
a learned tailor.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown