~ Gut Bier soll man durch Steuern ~
It looks like the official on the front is holding the Bier Steuer (Beer Tax) proclamation and only the rich can afford to drink. The bag in the background is labeled Varinas (miscelaneous). The Jugendstil (youth style = modern art) stein has a number 2328 ca. early 1900's.

Note: See translation "Gute Biere soll durch Steuern" for a variation on this theme.
Gut Bier soll man durch Steuern
dem Volke nicht verteuern,
merkt Euch das ihr deutschen fürsten
und lasst den deutschen Mann nicht Dürsten.
Good beer should not by taxation
raise the price for the people,
make note to your German leaders
and don't let the German people go thirsty.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown