~ Gut Heil ~
Here's a very nice example of a 4-F Turner's stein marked 553 ca. 1900. The motto of the Turners is "Frisch, Fromm, Froh und Freiheit" symbolized by the "4-F" and explained in the translation with the salutation "Gut Heil!". The Turners were the athletic groups formed by Vater Jahn (Father Jahn) in about 1815 to further comradery and good health in the emerging Germany.
Gut Heil!

Frisch der Sinn
Fromm das Herz
Froh der Muth
Freiheit höchstes Gut!

Gesunder Körper
gesunder Geist
des Turners Ziel
und Streben heisst.
Good health!

Fresh be the mind.
Faithful be the heart.
Merry be the mood.
Freedom be the highest good!

Healthy body,
healthy spirit
are the Gymnast's goal
and aspiration.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown