~ Gute Biere soll durch Steuern ~
It looks like the man is reading about the beer tax going up in the local newspaper and discouraged by the sign on the wall that shows an outrageous price of 26 marks per liter. The one-liter stein is marked "1389 - 1", ca. early 1900's.

Note: See translation "Gut Bier soll man durch Steuern" for a variation on this theme.
Gute Biere soll durch Steuern
man dem Volke nie verteuern.

Folgt dem Rat ihr weisen Fürsten
laßt den deutschen Mann nicht dürsten.
Good beers should thru taxation
not raise the price to the people.

Follow the rule of your wise leaders
(and) don't let the German man go thirsty.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown