~ Ich schieß den Hirsch im wilden Forst ~
The verse seems a little redundant in this literal translation unless one changes "...das Reh" to "...des Rehes" ("...das Reh" is the nominative case and means "the deer singular" and "....des Rehes" is the genitive case and means "...of the deer plural"). This is a quality hand made and enameled glass stein with a carved antler figure of a deer as the lid decoration, ca. 1900. The handle having the lower attachment first and brought up to attach at the top is a technique that was not used earlier than the late 1800's.
Ich schieß den Hirsch im wilden Forst,
im tiefen Grund das Reh!
I shoot the deer in the wild forest,
in the deep ground (habitat of) the deer!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown