~ Im "Krug zum grünen Kranze" ~
The first line of a song by Wilhelm Müller (1794 - 1827) is written on this stein marked "VB" (Villeroy and Boch) and mold number 406 dated 1894. The whole first stanza is included for completeness. The "Krug zum Grünen Kranze" is the name of a tavern.
Im "Krug zum grünen Kranze",
Da kehrt ich durstig ein;
Da saß ein Wandrer drinnen, drinnen
Am Tisch beim kühlen Wein.
In the "Beer Stein to the Green Wreath",
there I enter thirsty;
there inside sitting as a taveler, inside
at the table with cool wine.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown