~ Italiens Wein so s und fein ~
Whatever the reason, it took almost two thousand years for the Germans to finally get free of Roman dominance. This large, etched stein was designed by Heinrich Schlitt and marked with the Mettlach logo, mold number 2095 and dated 1894.

Note: In German the letters "I" and the letter "J" are sometimes used interchangeably. For example, see this verse under: "Jtaliens Wein so s und fein".
Italiens Wein so s und fein,
brach doch der Rmer morsch Gebein.
Im Bier jedoch und Rettichsaft
steckt ewig deutsche Kraft.
Italy's wine, so sweet and pure,
broke the Romans' brittle bones.
However, in beer and radish juice
lies the eternal German strength.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation
Photo credit: Serguei Artiouchkov