~ Kämpf für Freiheit und für Recht ~
This porcelain stein with a lithophane base (scene in base viewable when held up to the light) was owned by Joseph Grünwald who was apparently a member of a socialist/communist society founded in 1897. The legend at the top, "1897 Zur Errinerung an die Gründug 1912", indicates that this was the 15-year jubilee from the founding of the society, and he purchased the stein in 1912. It might have sounded like a good idea, but I suspect that Joseph never made it past being a farmhand.
Kämpf für Freiheit und für Recht,
niemals sollst du sein ein Knecht.
Fight for freedom and for rights,
never more shall you be a servant.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown