~ Kannst du trinken, kannst du lieben ~
This is all good advice from an 1837 poem called "Sonnengruß" (Sun Greeting) by Friedrich Rückert on a relief stein by Merkelbach & Wick ca. 1900.
Kannst du trinken, kannst du lieben,
thu's nicht Morgen thu es Heut.

Gutes Werk auf Morgen schieben
hat schon mancher sehr bereut.

Trink was klar ist.
Can you drink, can you love,
do it not tomorrow, do it today.

Good work postponed to the morrow,
has already caused many a (man) great regret.

Drink what is clear.
Note: In Rückert's poem, and on some steins, the last line says "mancher Thor" ( many a fool ).
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown