~ Kraft Heil ~
This is a character stein with a barbell body and a lifting weight lid designed specifically for the weight lifting segment of the Turnverein (gymnast's association). On the lid is also the often misinterpreted motto: Kühn, Kernig, Kraftvoll, Kunstvoll (Daring, Robust, Powerful, Skillful). The word Kernig sounds the same as König (king), but means pithy as in full of substance. The weight lifter's four -"K" motto was probably a spin-off of the Turnverein's four-"F" motto. (see translation: "Gut Heil"). The stein is marked "Germany, 1227 and 5", ca. 1900.  
Kraft Heil

Im Herzen den Mut,
im Arme die Kraft,
im Humpen dem edlen Gerstensaft.
Hail to strength

In the heart courage,
in the arm strength,
in the stein the noble barley juice (beer).
Translation: Les Hopper compilation I & II/Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown