~ Laut braust der Jubel vom Belt bis zum Rhein ~
This verse is part of the German unification movement expressed in song. The Belt straits run along the Danish peninsula and wars were fought here and on the Rhine in the mid 19th century. The stein is marked with the mold "No. 1741 Geschützt" and "1838" in red ink and was designed by Richard Riemerschmid ca. 1902.
"Laut braust der Jubel vom Belt bis
zum Rhein:
Wir wollen beim Biere des Lebens uns freuen!"

"Wuth schäumender Feinde Revanche gewimmer erschreckt uns nimmer!".
Loud is the uproar of jubilation from the Belt to the Rhein:
We will take joy in the beer of life!

Foaming frenzied foes wailing revenge
frighten us never!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown