~ Lieb Vaterland magst ruhig sein ~
Sayings from the three Kaisers are presented on this patriotic stein ca. 1900. Kaiser Wm I died in 1888, his son Kaiser Friedrich III died in the same year, and his son Kaiser Wm II took the reigns that year. This dynasty lasted from before the Franco Prussian War of 1871 thru WW I in 1918.
Lieb Vaterland magst ruhig sein,
fest steht u: treu die Wacht am Rhein

Ich habe keine Zeit müde zu sein (Wm I)

Lerne Leiden ohne zu klagen (Friedrich III)

Ich will des Staates erster Diener sein (Wm II)
Dear fatherland may you be peaceful,
stand fast and true to the watch on the Rhein.

I don't have time to be tired.

I learn sorrow without complaining.

I will first be of service to the state.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown