~ Man spricht vom vielen Trinken stets ~
There's a lot of bragging about drinking, but never much about the thirst, because that's apparently not the true cause. This is a fancy light relief stein marked "1248 Germany" ca. 1900.

This verse also appears on the blue/gray, salt-glazed, stoneware stein marked with the Merkelbach & Wick logo, ca. 1900, shown at the bottom. Notice that the verses on the different steins have one word that is different (stets = always and wohl = well), but the general meaning of the verses remains the same.
Man spricht vom vielen Trinken stets(wohl),
doch nie vom großen Durst.
One always speaks of much drinking,
but never of the gross thirst.

The verse is also shown on this stein of unknown origin.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation/Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown