~ Mein schönes Fräulein, darf ich wagen ~
This verse is an excerpt from "Doktor Faustus" a tragedy by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe written in 1808. Faust has made a pact with the devil and is pursuing Gretchen. The etched stein is marked with the J. W. Remy logo and mold number "828" and "Germany", ca. 1900.
Mein schönes Fräulein, darf ich wagen,
meinen Arm und geleit ihr anzutragen?
Bin weder Fräulein, weder schön,
ungeleitet nach Hause gehen.
My fair lady, may I venture,
to offer my arm and escort you?
I'm neither a lady, nor pretty,
and can go home unescorted.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown