~ Mir san mir, und schreibe'n uns Uns ~
This is a difficult translation from Bayrisch (Bavarian dialect) on account of the word play, but the meaning appears to be two friends walking and talking saying something like "we stick together and you can address us as one". Loosely translated the verse could also read: “We are what we are and you put it in writing”. It’s a typical Bavarian phrase. They think that they are special and they like their own tradition. It is also seen as: “Mia san mia und schreibm uns uns”. The Jugendstil (youth style = modern art) stein was designed by Max Mandl and is marked with the Marzi & Remy logo and "6" or "9", ca. early 1900's.
Mir san mir, und schreibe'n uns Uns! We are we and writing us us!
Translation: George & Gabi Schamberger and Franz Schatz
Photo credit: Unknown