~ Morgen muss ich fort von hier ~
Some of this translation is not literal, but the meaning is correct. This is a reproduction stein made after WWII by Thewalt and marked with the Thewalt logo of the period and "Original Mold Year 1894 - 2 L. - Western Germany - 6".
Morgen muss ich fort von hier
und muss Abschied nehmen.

O, du aller schönste Zier
scheiden das thut grämen.
Tomorrow I must go forth from here
and must take my leave.

O, you most beautiful trinket
please don't break my heart.

The molded beer stein shown below was made by Simon Peter Gerz I, who died in 1897. The mark on the bottom dates from 1893, and the number ‘226’ is the form or style number.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation/Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown