~ Nach der Arbeit Müh' und Schweiß ~
This 4 L. relief Mettlach master stein #1028 is in the form of a tree trunk with various grotesque faces embedded in the design, marked with the Mercury Mark dated 1884 and Roman "I" indicating the largest size. The verse is whimsical with the stein talking and the punch line is under the handle.
Nach der Arbeit Müh' und Schweiß,
aus mir zu laben ich dich heis'.
Doch nie zuviel und ohne sinn,
im Krug sitzt oft der (Teufel) drinn!

Drum treib' Ihm aus!
After work's effort and perspiration,
I bid thee to refresh thyself from me.
but not too much and without sense,
for often the devil sits within the stein!

Therefore, I must drive him out!

Translation: Les Hopper compilation  
Photo credit: unknown