~ Nord oder Süd ~
The first verse, which is barely visible in the images below, means that: North or South, it doesn't matter where one is, as long as he feels at home. The second verse is self explanatory. This is a wonderful 7 L. etched stein designed by Christian Warth and marked with the Mettlach logo, mold number 1161, and dated 1894.
Nord oder Süd,
wenn nur die Seele glüht.

Gerstensaft mit Hopfen,
kredenzt von schöner Hand,
sind stets als Wundertropfen,
im weiten deutsches Land.
North or South,
if only (wherever) the soul glows.

Barley juice and hops,
served by a beautiful hand,
are always known as "Wondrous Drops",
in all of Germany's Land.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation/Roy De Selms
Photo credit: unknown.