~ O trinkt und löset frei und frank ~
Get from life whatever comes your way no matter how little it might be is the theme on this porcelain stein with a colored lithophane (scene in the bottom viewable when held up to the light) ca. late 1800's. The coloring of a lithophane is very similar to tinting of early photographic prints.
O trinkt und löset frei und frank,
so Spund als Flaschenköpfe,
und packt im Leben wie beim Trank,
die Tropfen und die Tröpfe.
O drink and loosen up freely and frankly,
like the corck on a bottle top,
and sieze in life as in drinking,
the drips and the drops.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Andre Ammelounx, The Stein Auction Co.