~ Ob Stiefel oder Faß ~
This is a Mettlach PUG (printed under glaze, "form # 1909" and "decor #983") stein featuring the Shakespearean fictional character Falstaff. Sir John Falstaff was the symbol of debauchery in three of Shakespeare's plays and that's what's featured here. Some examples of this stein have the misspelling "Fallstaff" with a "ll". This was made ca. 1900 and the PUG steins are often found without the typical overglaze "Mettlach Mercury" marks as they were easily worn off.
Ob Stiefel oder Faß
Falstaff trinkt ex ohne Spaß!
Whether a boot or a barrel,
Falstaff could drink it without a blink!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown