~ Pfaffenbeerfurth soll der Hochschul sein ~
This is an etched/relief (3.8 L.) stein marked with the Mettlach logo, mold number2038 and dated 1897. It is usually called the Rodenstein stein because it features the Rodenstein castle on the lid. On the front are listed the surrounding cities of Gersprenz, Reichelsheim im Odenwald and Pfaffen-Beerfurth. The verse is translated literally and essentially describes a student's thirst for theological knowledge at the university at Pfaffen-Beerfurth and probably also a large thirst for beer judging from the size of this stein. This stein also comes in a 1 L. and 1/2 L. size (mold number 2829) for students with smaller thirsts.
Pfaffenbeerfurth soll der Hochschul sein
mein Dürst den Herrn Studenten.
Pfaffen-Beerfurth should be the university
(for) my thirst for the Lord's students.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown