~ Qušlt dich der Durst mein lieber Sohn ~
It would seem to make sense to follow the example of one's elders and have a beer to quench your thirst, but don't overdo it. This light relief stein is marked with the Mettlach logo and mold number 2943 and dated 1907. The 3.6 L stein shown below (Mettlach #2930) is the master stein for this set.
Qušlt dich der Durst
mein lieber Sohn,
bedenk' die Alten tranken schon.
If thirst torments you
my dear son,
consider what your elders already drank.

This verse also appears on this Stoneware, relief, 3.6L Mettlach Stein, Catalog # 2930.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credits: Unknown, Andre Ammelounx - The Stein Auction Co.(2930)