~ Rechter Hand, linker hand alles vertauscht ~
The verse is from an old German folk song which describes a Zecher (drinker) coming out of the local Kneip (tavern) in the middle of the night and finding himself totally confused about how to get home. See the verse starting with: Grad aus dem Wirthshaus komm ich heraus. for the beginning of the story. This etched stein is marked with the Mettlach logo and mold number 2092 designed by Heinrich Schlitt, ca. 1900.
Rechter Hand,
linker hand alles vertauscht,
Strasse ich merk' es wohl berauscht.
For the right hand,
left hand all is interchanged,
I observe that the street seems drunk.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Andre Ammelounx - The Stein Auction Co.