~ Säkularfeier der Universität Würzburg ~
The University of Würzburg Germany was first founded in 1402 making it the 6th institution of higher learning in the German speaking communities of Europe. It had a second opening (as part of the counter Reformation) in August 1, 1582 which was more successful, but it wasn't until 1734 that it opened its doors to students other than Catholics. The porcelain lid has the seal of the university, the city and the Bishopric of Würzburg. This celebration is for the third centennial of the second founding of the university in 1582-3. The lid can be dated to 1882-3, but the body might or might not be original to the lid.
der Universität Würzburg
Centennial celebration
of the University of Würzburg
The Seal of the U. of Würzburg
and the City and Bishopric
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown