~ Seit die "Elektra" bei uns steht ~
This wooden character stein is of an early 1900's (pre-WW II) washing machine with brand name "Schaede" and model name "Elektra" which was electrified and had a wooden body just like the stein. Apparently the advent of electrified utilities helped increase efficiency and thus allowed people to make more beer money. So the verse is an advertising slogan for the manufacturer and the steins were probably complimentary advertising pieces. Note that the driving mechanism is used as the finial/thumblift on the stein, but was mounted underneath on the actual washing machine.
Seit die "Elektra" bei uns steht,
hat sich mein Biergeld stark erhöht.
Since the "Elektra"  is now with us,
it has greatly increased my beer money.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown