~ Sitz du gut so sitze feste ~
This is an old German proverb appearing in the literature of "der Warthburg" (related to Martin Luther at the Wartburg Castle) and "Der Schmied und der Teufel" (The Smith and the Devil). The idea is that "When you've had enough, don't over do it. You're better off to just leave well enough alone." Note that the fish, cat and monkey are all symbols relating to drinking and over drinking (see: SCI Library website). This stein was made by the firm of Utzschneider (see: "Stein Marks.com") and marked "Sarrequemines" and mold number "2668" ca. 1900.
Sitz du gut so sitze feste
alter Sitz der ist der beste.
If you are seated well, then stay firm,
a familiar seating is the best.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown