~ So geht's auf der Alm ~
This relief stein is marked with the Gerz logo and "Germany 476" ca. early 1900's. The Alm is the Summer pasture where the cattle are taken high in the mountains to feed and breed. The word Alm is synonymous with Alp and comes from an earlier word Albe, all referring to the high mountains. The word Kalm is a cognate of the word "calf" and means "virgin cow". The verse is in dialect from the mountainous areas surrounding Bavaria and translated courtesy of Gabi & George Schamberger.
So geht's auf der Alm
denkt ka Dirn auf die Kalm

und ka Schütz auf d' Jagd,
wann sie d' Liab amol plagt.
That's the way it is up in the Alps
the girls don't think about the cows
(they are supposed to watch)
and no hunter thinks about hunting
when love takes over.
Translation: Gabi & George Schamberger
Photo credit: Unknown