~ Steh ich in finstrer Mitternacht ~
This reservist's stein was purchased by Gefreiter ((lance-corporal) Rupp in remembrance of his service time 1896 - 1898 in the Grenadier (Infantry) Regt. "King Karl" (5 Württemberg) Nr. 123 Ulm, ca. 1898. These three verses are self explanatory.
Steh ich in finstrer Mitternacht,
so einsam auf der stillen Wacht.

Die Mütze auf dem rechten Ofr,
so zieht der Reservist durch's Thor.

Der treu gedient hat seine Zeit,
dem sei ein volles Glas geweiht.
I stand in the dark mid of night,
so lonely on the quiet watch.

The cap on the correct manner,
thus the reservist exits thru the door.

May a full glass be dedicated to him
who has served his time loyally.
Translation: Roy De Selms/Les Hopper compilation
Photo credit: Unknown