~ Steigt in eu'r Herz, dir, so die Herzen ~
This stein shows the trade of "der Schlotfeger" (chimney-sweep) and seems to indicate a moral analogy of cleaning one's heart of dark thoughts like cleaning a chimney of black soot. The stein is ca. post WW II. The scene and verse on the stein is from a copper engraving by Christoph Weigel circa 1700. The German is old and somewhat obscure and the translation below is as close as we can get it.
Steigt in eu'r Herz, dir, so die Herzen,
die Lasterhaffte fehler schwartzen,
zu richten und zu fegen wißt:

Sonst gleicht ihr,
die ihr euch sollt lehren,
dem, der den Ruß vom Schlot will kehren,
und selber dick' - berußet ist.
Listen to your heart, you who
understand how to sweep clean the
sinful errors which darken your heart:

otherwise you are like someone
who wants to sweep the soot
from the chimney but
who himself is covered with soot.
The text shown below the picture is incomplete, but from the engraving reads:
Kehrt ab durch wahre Buß, in euch den Sünden-Ruß.
Sweep away the soot of sin in you through true repentance.
Translation: Friends of Franz Schatz
Photo credit: Unknown