~ Thut Melancholie dich plagen ~
This is a large pouring pitcher by Reinhold Merkelbach (mold # 894) ca. late 1800's. You don't need the verse to tell you that emptying this jug when filled with beer, will replace your melancholy with good cheer.
Thut Melancholie dich plagen,
mußt du keck dies Mittel wagen.
When melancholy torments you,
you have to boldly venture forth.

Nimm mich in die Hand.
Füll mich bis zum Rand.
Take me in your hand.,
Fill me to the brim.

Leer mich bis zum Grund
und du bist gesund.
Empty me to the ground
and you will then be sound.

Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: unknown