~ Tollen Spuck, fideles treiben ~
This is a whimsical and imaginary scene of what might be happening at a local gathering of friends (Men's night out at the Club with no one present) as set forth by Heinrich Schlitt on this large PUG (printed under glaze) pouring stein marked with the Mettlach logo and mold number 2488 ca. 1900.
Tollen Spuck, fideles treiben
sah der Mond jüngst durch die Scheiben
Krüge, Gläser tollen Würfel kollern, rollen.

Aus dem Kartspiel,
Tanzen lustige gestarten
hätter's selber nicht gesehn
wurd er's nich' für möglich halten.

Der verfassene Stammtisch
A comical apparition, merrily set in motion
saw the new moon thru the window,
steins, glasses, comical dice in a frenzied roll.

With the card playing,
merry dancing started,
there was no one (around) to be seen,
and it would not have been possible to constrain.

The composed regular meeting of friends
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown