~ Trag mit Anstand und mit Würde ~
If life's burdens are getting you down, just keep your cool. This is a 4.8 L. PUG (printed under glaze) Mettlach stein #2702 decor #1128 dated 1900. Note what appears to be a Star of David hanging from above. This actually is a Zoigelstern (brewer's star used in advertising a tavern where beer is brewed and served).
Trag mit Anstand und mit Würde
dieses Daseins grosse Last.

Leicht trägt sich des lebens Bürde,
wenn du schwer Geladen hast.
Bear with propriety and dignity
this existence's great burdens.

Bear life's burdens lightly,
if you are tipsy.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown