~ Trinken wr noch en Treppchen ~
I wouldn't have been able to translate this verse written in Bayrisch (Bavarian dialect), but my grandmother sang a similar variation of the song to me when I was a little kid. It is rewritten in proper German and translated into English. The cute little porcelain stein, ca 1900,  is marked with the logo of Thomsberger & Hermann of Colditz. See: Chris Wheeler's "Stein Marks" for more info on this manufacturer.
Trinken wr noch en Treppchen,
trinken wr noch en Treppchen,
aus dem schönen Henkelteppchen,

Trinken wir noch ein Tröpfchen,
trinken wir noch ein Tröpfchen,
aus dem schönen Henkeltöpfchen.

Let's drink still another droplet,
let's drink still another droplet,
from the pretty little handled pot (stein).
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown