~ Ubi bene - ibi hygiene!  ~
This is a very fanciful occasion for beer drinkers on this PUG (printed under glaze) stein marked with the Villeroy & Boch (no Mettlach) logo and form number 280 and decor number 678 and dated 1898. The first line is in Latin and the rest is German. A literal translation of the Latin is given below. One can find many different translations for "ubi bene". In context with the "Bier Probe" theme, the intent of the phrase could well be "Where the beer is good, the brewing process is clean."
Ubi bene - ibi hygiene! 

Bier Probe

Du edles Bier, du Gerstensaft
gibst uns Muth und neue Kraft.
Where (it is) well--there is hygiene!

Beer testing (or exhibition)

You noble beer, you barley juice
give us courage and new strength.
Translation: Roy De Selms / John Piet
Photo credit: Unknown