~ Und nähert sich solch einem Schoppen ~
This is part of a poem written about the extraordinary Palatinate wine vintage 1865 by Victor von Scheffel. He sampled this wine with two friends in a Weinstube (pub, now called the Scheffelhaus) in Trinkkemenaten in the Palatinate. The people in this region are known for centuries to have drunk a bottle of wine each per day and claimed to have developed mental problems as a result, but this was tested by Helmut Kohl and found not to be the case. The 2-liter stein is marked with the logo of Rheinhold Merkelbach and "274" ca. 1900.
Und nähert sich solch einem Schoppen,
mein Herz dann über walt's!
S' ist halt ein verfluchter feinen Tropfen,
ich segne Hopfen und Malz.
And if such a stein approaches,
my heart then takes over!
So it contains just damned fine drops
(and) I bless the malt and hops.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown