~ Vom Durst dich niemals quälen laß ~
This 3 L. giant etched stein marked with the Mettlach logo and mold number 1941, often called "The Keeper of the Cellar", was designed by C. Warth, ca. 1900.
Vom Durst dich niemals quälen laß;
im Keller liegt viel kühles Naß.
Never let thirst torture you;
in the cellar there lies much cool elixir.

This verse and design is repeated on another 3.0L Mettlach stein shown below. This stein is mold# 1941 and features a differt body style.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation
Photo credits: 1st stein: Andre Ammelounx - The Stein Auction Co.     2nd stein: Unknown