~ Wenn ich komm vom Feld nach Haus ~
Sounds like a good way to end a day of hard toil in the field. The Birnkrug (pear shaped stein) appears to be a later reproduction of an earlier faience stein. The 1827 date is already suspicious because dates on the body of the stein were very rarely done, but the pewter work is a dead give away. The authentic pewter would have had a "closed hinge" as opposed to this one with the hinge pins showing and the thumb lift would have been attached over the lid and not over the hinge. The way the handle is attached is not correct for an old piece. This is probably a twentieth century stein.
Wenn ich komm vom Feld nach Haus,
trink ich das Krüglein aus.
When I come home from the field,
I drink the little stein empty.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown