~ Wer achtzig Jahr vom Bier trinkt ~
A merry faun/satyr might be an expression that escapes me, but I think the rest of the verses seem clear. The relief stein with figural lid not shown is marked "Germany 11", ca. 1900.
Wer achtzig Jahr vom Bier trinkt,
als Greis erst in die Grube sinkt.

Bei froher Faune heit'rem Schwank,
mög munden dir der kühle Trank.

Auf der Alm ist es schön.
Whoever drinks beer for eighty years,
will first sink into the grave in senility.

With a merry faun/satyr, a cheerful prank,
a cool drink might taste good to you.

On the high summer pasture it is beautiful.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown