~ Wer hat den Haus gebaut? ~
This is a little spoof on the gnome-masons on this glazed-etched, mason's occupational stein designed by Otto Hupp and marked with the Mettlach logo and mold number 2724 ca. 1900. The Heizelmännchen were mythologically portrayed as gnomes that magically appeared when no one was around and did good deeds like building in this case.
Wer hat den Haus gebaut?
und den Turm von Stein?
Waren's die Heinzelmännchen nicht
werden's die Maurer gewesen sein.
Who had built the house?
and the tower of stone?
Was it not the gnomes
that were to become the masons.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Andre Ammelounx, The Stein Auction Co.