~ Wer nit kann Spaß versteh'n ~
Just good advice on this salt-glazed stoneware stein made ca. late 1800's.This stein was made by White's of Utica NY probably by German immigrants ca. 1900. Note that American made steins have the decorations to the sides of the stein unlike German made steins which usually have the decoration front and center. Also there is no capacity mark in liters because the USA never adopted the metric system.
Wer nit kann Spaß versteh'n,
soll nit unter die Leute geh'n.
Whoever cannot take a joke,
shouldn't mix with other people.


This verse is also found on the old salt-glazed stoneware stein made ca. late 1800's, shown below.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation
Photo credits: unknown