~ Wie kann denn ihre Tochter ~
Here's a bit of local humor in dialect on the porcelain lid of this glass stein ca. prior to 1880. Before about 1880 the handles on glass steins were placed first to the upper end where the glass is larger and then brought around to the lower attachment which is smaller. In the late 1900's it was found to be more structurally sound to do the reverse. It is interesting to note that "Frou" is a woman's name in Bavarian dialect and not associated with the word "Frau" (woman) in High German.
Wie kann denn ihre Tochter
das Kind so rauslassen?
Frou: Ist net erlaubt,
net n mal e Mützle hats auf.
How can your daughter,
let her child outside like this?
Frou: It was not permitted,
she is not even wearing a bonnet.
Translation: George & Gabi Schamberger
Photo credit: Unknown