~ Wohl auf noch getrunken ~
This verse is the beginning of the first and last stanzas of a German Folk Song originating at the time of the Napoleonic Wars and still popular today. The word "Juvivallera" is a cry of joy occurring in many folk songs, and may derive from the Latin words "juvi" (youth) and "vale" (farewell). The Jugendstil (youth style = modern art) stein was made ca. early 1900's.
Wohl auf noch getrunken
den funkelnden Wein
Ade nun, ihr Lieben!
Geschieden muß sein,
Juvivallera Juvivallera...
Probably still drunk
on the sparkling wine,
Ade now your beloved
must be departed!
Juvivallera Juvivallera.....
Translation: Roy De Selms / John Piet
Photo credit: Unknown