~ Abzug der Freier ~
This etched Marzi & Remy #1620 stein apparently depicts the losers of a group of competing suitors leaving the scene disgruntled because the potential bride did not pick one of them. The word Trosse in the verse makes this a difficult verse to translate. The dictionary defines it as a hawser, a ship towing cable, or with a military usage of baggage train. The word chosen for the translation below seems to best convey the idea behind the verse.
Abzug der Freier.
Einer nur gewinnt die Braut
u. mit ihrem bunten Trosse
ziehen die Andern still davon.
Departure of the suitors.
Only one can win the bride,
and with their colorful retinue,
the others leave quietly.

Translation: John Piet
Photo credit: Unknown