~ Arbeit ist des Bürgers Zierde ~
The verse presented here is from a poem called "Das Lied von der Glocke" (The Song of the Bell) by 18th Century writer/poet, Friedrich von Schiller. It probably means that ordinary people desire work and hard work is rewarded with blessing. That sentiment is as good now as it was in the time of Schiller. The light relief stein also has a salutation "Hoch lebe das edle Handwerk der Schuhmacher" (Long live the noble hand work of the shoemaker) and is thus an occupational stein. The stein was manufactured by Reinhold Merkelbach, mold# 1439, ca. 1900.
Arbeit ist des Bürgers Zierde
Segen ist der Mühe Preis!
Work is the commoner's pleasure (wish)
Blessing is the reward of labor!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Ralph Markus