~ Du bist wie eine Blume ~
This relief figural or character stein in the shape of a castle ties a romantic verse into the romantic nature of the Rhein River. A similar theme can be found in another translation: "die Braut von Rheinstein". The stein, ca. 1900, is marked only "Germany". The stein has a twisted vine handle characteristic of J.W. Remy steins, but is not found in any J.W.Remy catalogs.
Du bist wie eine Blume!
Rheinische Burgen, Rheinischer Wein,
Rheinische Liebe frisch und rein!
You are like a (sweet) blossom!
Rhein castles, Rhein wine,
Rhein love (so) fresh and pure!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown