~ Frischer Trunk labt Jäger Blut ~
This cute, heavy relief stein has scenes of the legend of St. Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters. While hunting on Good Friday, a magnificent stag Hubertus was pursuing turned and he saw a crucifix between its antlers, and heard a voice instructing him to mend his ways and lead a holy life. This episode is portrayed on the center face of the stein and can be seen in the painting below by Wilhelm Carl Räuber (1849 - 1926). The stein was made by Reinhold Hanke ca. 1900, and is marked only "1274 4".
Frischer Trunk labt Jäger Blut
thut auch andern Leuten gut.
Fresh drink restores hunter's blood
(and) also does other people good.

Translation: Les Hopper Compilation/Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown