~ Gut Stoß! ~
The meaning of this unmarked PUG (printed under glaze) stein, ca. 1900, may not be as simple as the verse. The German word "Stoß" can have many meanings. Its primary meaning is a push or shove, but can also mean collision, impact or, in sword fighting, a thrust. At first glance it appears that the stein shows a young lady on some kind of swing needing a little help to get going, and that is the translation given below. However, the shield, helmet and tattered dress in the picture is similar to what is displayed on steins of dueling student associations, and if so, maybe "good thrust" would be a better translation. It is also possible that the woman is holding a broken lance where, with the shield and helmet below, could imply the results of a joust and "good impact" might be the meaning. This stein was probably designed with a double meaning. We will let the reader decide for himself what it is.
Gut Stoß! Good push!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown