~ Immer wirb das Glück ist mürb ~
The two steins below are strikingly similar in design, but from two different manufacturers. Both show two embracing Renaissance lovers in the center panel, while the side panels feature a German Landsknecht (German mercenary knight) and a Renaissance style lady. The first is a relief stein by Matthias Girmscheid, mold# X33, marked "Germany" ca. 1900.
Immer wirb das Glück ist mürb.
Bier, Lieb und Wein
lindern Sorg und Pein.
Always strive luck is brittle.
Beer, love and wine
alleviate sorrow and pain.

This stein was made by Simon Peter Gerz. It is 2L with an extended and flared music box base, mold# 866. Only the first line above appears on this stein.
Translation: Les Hopper compilation/Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown