~ In Trinitate Robur ~
This magnificent porcelain stein with lithophane base (scene in base when held up to light) has as its main theme a bust of Prince Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor of Germany from 1871 to 1890. He was a favorite of Kaiser Wm I, but unfortunately not favored by Wm II. He was very engaged in the Lutheran faith and had his personal arms (shown at right) decorated with the Latin religious motto which is the title of this translation. Bismarck was beloved by the people of Germany and has been honored in multiple ways including the verse below which is one of many dedicated to him.

The German word "Räthselsphinx" ("The riddle of the Sphinx") derives from Greek mythology and means "a complex riddle".
In Trinitate Robur
Sieh' her, o deutsche Volk, sieh' her,
in ihm ist dir ein Mittler erstanden,
ein Führer und Lenker, so kühn als klug,
ein Held in germanischen Lande.
Der wie Keiner vor ihm, Räthselsphinx
der germanischen Zukunft begegnet
Mit Kraft von Natur, mit Macht von Geschick,
mit Glück vom Himmel gesegnet!
In the Trinity is strength
See here, oh German people, see here,
in him is arisen to you an intermediary,
a leader and guide, so bold (and) so clever,
a champion in Germany's lands.
He like no one before him,
deals with the complex riddle of the Germanic future
with strength from nature, with might from history,
blessed with fortune from heaven.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown