~ Jede Mode wird vergeh'n ~
Two litre Marzi & Remy stoneware stein, circa 1930. This form (style) of the Ma▀krug (ca. 1 liter beer stein) has remained unchanged for well over 200 years and there's no reason for it to change in the foreseeable future. Pictured are classical Munich breweries that have all used this form of Ma▀krug at one time or another
with their own logo.

The PUG (printed under glaze) design is marked "L.B." (unknown artist). For more info on the Ma▀krug and Capacity Marks see: Prosit Dec. 2010 pg. 19-22.
Jede Mode wird vergeh'n
nur der Ma▀krug bleibt besteh'n.
Each fashion (style) will disappear (in time)
only the 1 L. beer stein (style) will endure (unchanged).
Translation credit: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Chris Wheeler "Stein Marks